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Face mask DIY cutting the fabrics

How to make a reusable Face Mask at Home?

How to cut the fabric for home made face mask?

Here in this second blog of mine, I am going to share the process of cutting fabric to make a face mask at home. In my first blog, I explained in detail, what is a face mask? How to wear it rightly and the process to cut the face mask pattern of the paper. You can get it here. To know more about it you can also see my YouTube video here !!

So let’s get back to the topic. To cut the fabric for the face mask, I am using 100% cotton fabric for both the front and back of the DIY face mask. You can also choose 100% cotton t-shirt material for the front and back lining.

Approximately 1 yard of pure cotton fabric is enough to make 25 masks. Try to use what you have or connect with friends who can share supplies with you so you can stay home, follow social distancing, and be safe.

What you need to cut the fabric of the face mask at home?

To cut the fabric you just need the following sewing supplies material

  1. 6-inch fabric 2 pieces, make sure to have 100% tightly woven cotton
  2. 8-10 inch 2 pieces of elastic for one face mask.
  3. Straight Sewing Pins
  4. Matching Thread

How to cut the face mask patterns yourself (Video Tutorial)

Video Timeline:

  • 0:04 Introduction of my Special designed face mask cutting fabric
  • 0:25 Reference to video for cutting pattern
  • 0:55 Starting cutting fabric for the face mask
  • 01:30 Reference to Fashion Sewista Family Facebook page (
  • 03:57 Starting to cut the upper layer fabric
  • 0506 Cutting fabric for the filter pockets
  • 6:22 Cutting kitchen paper to use as filters in the face mask
  • 8:06 Your face mask fabric cutting is ready to sew now 

How to cut the fabric at home for a face mask?

In the image below you can see you need the supplies, you’ll need for just one mask.

First, you need to cut your fabric into pieces. Draw the pattern using a cutter on fabric piece and cut it accordingly

Then cut this marked piece in face mask shape like the below image


This face mask length is fit for the average adult person’s face. If you are sewing this is for a person you know, you can also measure or test before you cut the fabric. Follow the video link and you are now ready to pull out your sewing machine and start sewing.

What if using fabric ties instead of elastic?

If you do not like elastic straps, you can use 100% cotton fabric ties or ribbons to use as mask strips. You need these material ties 15-18 inches long and 1-2 cm wide.
To make this, first cut a long strip of 100% cotton 1-2 cm wide and 18 inches long. Iron it properly after turning it into the wide side. After this sew it along the finish line and put it into face mask tunnels. And now you are good to go with cotton face mask ties.
Here  Download the DIY Home-made face mask cutting patterns  that are super fit and available in 3 sizes. You can also print these downloadable pdf files in actual sizes and print them for your size at an actual scale.After printing it measure with the scale that size is correct according to the above-discussed description.
Now that’s all and you are ready to cut your fabric according to the pattern and sew it. To know how to sew the face mask, visit this link given below ( Fashion Sewista YouTube Channel ) and get on with your life.
You can be very creative and amazing with your face mask cutting patterns using cool designed fabric, adding embroidery, and other designs.
If you are looking to get new face mask sewing techniques and cool face mask cutting patterns, in addition to the FREE DIY face mask pattern? Then Sign up now for the  Fashion Sewista Newsletter  here.

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