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How to make a reusable Face Mask at Home?

After going through many face mask patterns and tutorials on the internet, I believe that not all of them are as great as pretending. Now, I want to share what you can consider the top-class DIY face mask pattern with all bells and whistles to speak.

So, I will start a blog with the very basic information as what is a face mask, Is fabric face mask is the replacement of KN 95? How to draw a pattern of face mask? How to sew it and add elastic in its tunnels? and much more. If you are looking to get FREE face mask patterns I discuss in my blog click here. And to get updated sign up for our weekly newsletter here.

What is a face mask?

A face mask is a covering or fitting made of soft fabric over the mouth and nose to protect the wearer from the viruses, germs, air pollutants, and dust. And particularly in the case on Covid-19, it is necessary to wear the mask when you are outside to slow down the spread of the Coronavirus.  When you put on your face mask, you cover your mouth and nose that allow you to be safe while interacting with people outside your home. It lowers down the chances of getting affected by the virus.

In recent times, People did not know much about the Home-made face masks until the Covid-19 struck the world and resulting in emergent needs for masks.  This situation triggered individuals in their homes to start to swing their masks and protect them from the virus.

A DIY (Do it yourself) is a new development due to the lockdown caused by the Covid-19 outbreak around the world. The WHO is strictly instructed to wear a face mask covering your nose and mouth while going outside.  It will help people to prevent the transmission of the Coronavirus from one person to another. This one instruction led an instant increase in the demand for medical masks and on the other hand all health care services around the world to run short of medical masks.

Are Home-made Face mask is as helpful as N-95?

You must need to understand that fabric face masks are not a replacement of N-95 face masks. Fabric made face masks cannot be used in the hospitals to treat people affected by Covid-19. But this fabric made face masks are very useful like N-95 face masks due to their shortage around the world. Although WHO is strictly instructed to wear N-95 masks to protect yourself from the virus but at the same time they are also instructed to use a bandana or scarf in case you do not have access to medical masks. But under this current situation and overall lockdown around the world people started to make their home-made face masks in place of scarf and bandanas.

People also like to wear a home-made ace mask over the N-95 mask to cover it and make it last longer.

What is the best fabric to make a Face mask at home?

According to my observations, the best type of fabric to make a face mask at home is 100% cotton fabric just like bed sheets, shirts, and plain cotton fabric. A fabric that is tightly woven and strong while stretching.

You also need elastic to add in the face mask tunnels and keep it firm from both ends.

To choose fabric for your face mask, first, you need to ensure its breathability. You can do it by breathing within the fabric in front of your mouth. By doing this, you can understand the ventilation in the mask.

How to start making a Face Mask at Home?

Online you will get a variety of Face Masks patterns and designs as each person has stepped in now and want to make it differently. But the most important thing to consider before making a mask is to make sure that whichever design you choose, it should cover your nose and mouth properly. The below face mask patterns will guide you thoroughly on how to create a perfect and versatile face mask at home. To start making your face Mask at home Download DIY 3 sized face mask patterns here

Home Made Face Mask Cutting Pattern

Before starting cutting the pattern make sure you have the following thing in your basket. 100% cotton fabric, 2 pieces of elastic 20-26 cm long. You also need card paper to draw the patterns, a pencil, ruler, scissors, matching thread, and a sewing machine.

The DIY homemade face mask pattern

I have designed 3 sizes face masks pattern including large (28cm) medium (26 cm) and small (25 cm). The following is to give images of all patterns.

Face-mask sizes:

S: Is for young children (26 cm side to side, 6 cm top to bottom at center)

M: Is a standard size (26 cm side to side, 8 cm top to bottom at center)

L: large (28 cm side to side, 19 cm top to bottom at center)

How to cut the face mask patterns yourself (Video Tutorial)

Video Timeline:

  • 0:04 Introduction of my Special designed face mask pattern
  • 0:10  How to wear a face mask in the right way
  • 03:51 Cutting pattern introduction
  • 04:20  How to make a Cutting pattern on your own at home
  • 04:28 Thing you need to cut the patterns
  • 05:40 Starting making the draft on paper in cm
  • 04:51 Sewing the face mask
  • 16:10  Cutting second pattern for filter pocket
  • 21:28   We are done with drawing and cutting the pattern on paper


Here Download the DIY Home-made face mask cutting patterns that are super fit and available in 3 sizes. You can also print these downloadable pdf files in actual sizes and print them for your size at an actual scale. After printing it measure with the scale that size is correct according to the above-discussed description.

Now that’s all and you are ready to cut your fabric according to the pattern and sew it. To know how to sew the face mask, visit this link given below (Fashion Sewista YouTube Channel) and get on with your life.

You can be very creative and amazing with your face mask cutting patterns using cool designed fabric, adding embroidery, and other designs.

If you are looking to get new face mask sewing techniques and cool face mask cutting patterns, in addition to the FREE DIY face mask pattern? Then Sign up now for the Fashion Sewista Newsletter here.

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